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Learn more about the incredible impact educators and students we partner with are having on their schools and local communities.

Independent research demonstrates that educators trained as Solution Coaches are able to stop incidents of bullying 90% of the time. Let’s not forget that underlying these numbers is an incredibly rich and diverse body of stories. At No Bully, we call these stories of change, which occur when educators and students decide to stand up, ignite compassion, and eliminate bullying from their school and community. We encourage you to share your own story with us and to take inspiration from others who’ve authored their own stories of change.

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Emily Borrego, Heritage Elementary School Counselor

Pueblo School District 60, Pueblo, Colorado
“In the first meeting with Dr. DeNiro, I admit that I was skeptical, I  didn’t believe that this program would make a difference in student behavior towards each other! I was so wrong!! It was amazing to see the transformation from bullying to empathy building; to my students taking commitment and action against bullying. They loved the Solution teams-they were the integral part to the change!”

Pueblo City Schools

Colorado Department of Education
In the fall of 2016, No Bully was invited to partner with the Colorado Department of Education and implement our system in 26 Pueblo City Schools. In Pueblo, a mid-sized town of about 110,000 people, 90% of all students qualify for free or reduced lunch. It also faces high levels of violence, with double the murder rate of Brooklyn, New York. 

No Bully coached school leadership in how to implement and sustain the No Bully System across their campuses.

Palm Valley School

Rancho Mirage, CA
Today Matty’s solution team met for the third and final time. Matty chose to be present for this meeting. We had a very positive and rewarding experience, with the team and Matty all in agreement that the problem has been solved. Matty told us he feels very happy and confident and should any more issues arise, he has tools to help him deal with them. The team all agreed they learned how to speak to each other and listen to each other better. They feel they too have more skills at their disposal to handle any future problems. They also said they feel they are doing much better as a group with good sportsmanship.

Seeing the smile on Matty’s face today, I feel confident the problem is resolved. But more importantly, I feel the kids learned a great deal about problem solving and having respect for one another. I will check in with them in a month or so to see that everything is going as well as it seems to be now. Thank you for your support in this process.

Potter-Burns Elementary School

Pawtucket, RI
I have been doing this work for 20 years and I have never seen a program work so well, so effectively, and so quickly, to stop bullying and make a bullied child feel better and safer in school. I have a great appreciation for the No Bully system. It has had a positive impact on my school culture and we have definitely seen a decrease in bullying issues.

Henry J. Winters Elementary, Pawtucket, RI

Michael Gilmore, Principal
Here at Henry J. Winters, the No Bully program has been a great alternative in deterring bullying among the students. Our solution team meetings are diverse in grade level and gender so that all students are involved in the program. We have worked on various projects which allows the school vision to be more than words, it had become our motto. Thank you for working with our school in developing this productive program at Winters.


Stories of Change humanize the bullying experience. Share your stories with No Bully, and let us help you solve the challenges at your school and build compassion with your students.