The No Bully System®

Guides school leaders and teachers through a series of interventions for ending bullying.

The No Bully System® represents the distillation of over twenty years of working with schools. Educators trained in the system are able to resolve almost 90% of incidents of bullying, making No Bully one of the most impactful programs available.


Build an inclusive school culture

Build an inclusive school culture

The foundation to creating a bully-free school is to ensure an inclusive school culture where every student is accepted for who they are.


Interrupt all student disrespect and bullying

Interrupt student disrespect and bullying

All teachers and staff interrupt student disrespect, bullying and harassment and refer ongoing incidents to a school Solution Coach.


Use Solution Teams@ to solve ongoing bullying

Use Solution Teams® to solve ongoing bullying

The Solution Coach convenes a team of 6 to 8 students and engages their compassion to bring the bullying to an end. They then follow up with any student stuck in the role of bully or target.


Teach empathy to remedy negative classroom cultures

Teach empathy to remedy negative classroom cultures

If intolerance is endemic across an entire grade or class, the Solution Coach implements a plan to create a culture of acceptance.