The No Bully Equity Training

Schools are becoming increasingly diverse at a time when public discourse is more divisive than ever. How do we deliver on the promise of educational equity and ensure that all our students have equal opportunities for learning and belonging?

In this two-hour training, participants:

  • Learn the importance of identity formation plays in a young person’s development.
  • Understand the complex set of legal protections that protect student diversity with special focus on new protections against bullying of students with immigrant status.
  • Build awareness of the extent and effects of our unconscious bias.
  • Get access to teaching resources to use in your classroom and school to sustain a culture of acceptance and respect for all.

This No Bully training is designed to propel your goals for educational equity and bully-prevention at your school.

To find out more, or to secure this training for your teachers and staff, please e-mail us.