Our Mission

To teach students how to use their power well
with zero violence, zero hate and zero bullying

Our story

Is it your story too?

Having been bullied throughout his teenage years, Nicholas Carlisle knows how deep this damage can run. Inspired by past trauma, he brought together teachers, principals, parents and child psychologists, each with their own stories of bullying, who wanted to ensure that their schools were bully-free.

In 2003 we began the No Bully program. With a 90% success rate, it provides schools with leadership coaching and training to prevent bullying and cyberbullying and to respond effectively when incidents still occur.  The No Bully program is now delivered to schools across the world by Power of Zero, a non-profit organization launched in 2020 to counter the rise in online childhood bullying and hate. Through our campaigns, we are setting up the next generation to harness the positive power of the Internet and end hate speech, bullying, and violence. Power of Zero is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is registered as a charity in United Kingdom (number 1191012).