Become a No Bully School

Visionary school leaders know that an environment free from bullying and fear is essential for students to thrive. The No Bully School program helps ensure this. 

Schools successfully completing the one-year program are awarded the No Bully School badge. Displayed on school websites and communications, the badge showcases their commitment and ability to combat all forms of student harassment. Schools earning the badge leave the program with:

  • An anti-bullying policy or ‘protocol’ defining what all stakeholders – students, parents, teachers and staff – will do to ensure a bully-free campus  
  • A social vision statement containing your school’s values for how everyone in your community treats each other
  • Teachers, staff and students trained to prevent bullying and to respond effectively when incidents still occur

Join the over six hundred schools across the world that have invested in reaching the No Bully School standard of excellence for student safety and well-being.

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