Our Programs

Year One

We partner with schools over the course of a year, providing leadership coaching sessions and staff training in how to implement and sustain the No Bully System.

Foundational training

For a school to become bully-free, all teachers and staff need to understand bullying, cyberbullying and cyberviolence and how to get students the help they need. This in-service workshop provides a common language around student bullying and harassment, and trains participants how to interrupt bullying and establish a consistent schoolwide approach.

Leadership coaching

School leaders are coached over the course of three interactive sessions how to create a new social vision for their school, shown how to integrate the No Bully System into a formalized anti-bullying protocol and are encouraged to embed social and emotional learning into the school syllabus.

Parenting in the digital age

Children’s exposure to bullying, cyberbullying and online harms have become parents’ biggest concerns. In this workshop for parents and guardians participants learn:
• What are bullying and cyberbullying? We look at the growing threat of cyberviolence and the reality of the online world that children are growing up in
• How to prevent bullying. Recognize the warning signs and learn to build resilience in your children.
• Become a digital parent. Gain strategies to mentor your child through the challenges of the new digital landscape.

Solution coach training

A core group of teachers and staff is trained to become Solution Coaches for their school. They learn how to bring together Solution Teams of students to end the bullying of their peers,  and how to follow up with students stuck in the role of bully or victim.

Engage with No Bully

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