No Bully Essentials

Prevent bullying at your school and support students who are the target of cyberbullying and cyberviolence. No Bully Essentials provides you with a whole school program comprising leadership coaching, teacher training, parent workshops and student assemblies. Schools that successfully complete the partnership earn the No Bully School badge, signifying a commitment to combating bullying in all its forms.

Foundational teacher training

The No Bully foundational workshop empowers your school’s teachers and staff to understand the bullying, cyberbullying, and cyberviolence to which your students are exposed. Participants develop a shared language and learn proven strategies for interrupting harmful behaviors, creating a unified and proactive school-wide approach to bullying prevention and response.  (3 hours)

Leadership coaching

Equips school leaders with the tools and strategies to establish a safe, inclusive campus environment. Your Power of Zero coach will guide you in developing a customized anti-bullying policy and review best practices for incident reporting and response.  (90 minutes)

Empowering parents in the digital age

Parents and guardians get to understand the bullying, cyberbullying, and online risks to which their children are exposed. Participants gain actionable strategies to build resilience in their children and become confident, supportive digital parents.  (90 minutes)

Solution Coach® Training

Equip your school with a proven, award-winning intervention to resolve even the most complex bullying situations. This specialized training empowers select staff to become Solution Coaches, ready to run a Solution Team® with a remarkable 90% success rate. Coaches learn how to support students, regardless of their role in the bullying dynamic, and to engage student empathy to create lasting change.  Key staff are invited to join a learning cohort of educators across the country for this 3 hour online training.

Student assembly

This engaging assembly inspires students to understand bullying and cyberviolence and cultivate the empathy needed to create a bully-free school culture. Students will learn how to recognize harmful behaviors, support targets of bullying, and become courageous upstanders for kindness.

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