Rancho Mirage, CA

Today Matty’s solution team met for the third and final time. Matty chose to be present for this meeting. We had a very positive and rewarding experience, with the team and Matty all in agreement that the problem has been solved. Matty told us he feels very happy and confident and should any more issues arise, he has tools to help him deal with them. The team all agreed they learned how to speak to each other and listen to each other better. They feel they too have more skills at their disposal to handle any future problems. They also said they feel they are doing much better as a group with good sportsmanship.

Seeing the smile on Matty’s face today, I feel confident the problem is resolved. But more importantly, I feel the kids learned a great deal about problem solving and having respect for one another. I will check in with them in a month or so to see that everything is going as well as it seems to be now. Thank you for your support in this process.