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Nick Cordero (September 17, 1978-July 5, 2020)

No Bully mourns the death of the phenomenal broadway performer Nick Cordero. We offer our deepest condolences to his family.  We were honored to watch Nick perform in March at our annual Broadway Against Bully event.  His performance was spectacular, emblematic of the grace with which he lived his life.  Here is a link to this Nick singing ‘Beautiful’

Broadway Against Bullying: A Brave Space

A BULLYING SURVIVOR SHARES WHY WE CAN’T, AND WON’T, STOP CELEBRATING WHO WE ARE. Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to listen to music. I still try to catch up with what my friends are listening to – mostly through the playlists they kindly curate for me. But even that was forced after they discovered I … Continued

Making the World a Kinder Place

NO BULLY IS CELEBRATING THE HOLIDAY SEASON WITH ITS OWN WINTER MASCOT As a dinosaur fanatic, it should be no surprise I’m also an avid fan of their avian successors – the modern-day bird. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Each species is quirky and ostentatious in its own unique way. One of … Continued


NO BULLY CELEBRATES WORLD KINDNESS DAY BY HIGHLIGHTING AN AREA THAT NEEDS IT MOST – THE INTERNET. OUR LATEST INITIATIVE, POWER OF ZERO, PLANS TO TACKLE THIS CHALLENGE HEAD-ON. Think about how you introduce yourself to anyone you meet for the first time. You probably shake their hand. You at least give them a smile … Continued

Eradicate Bullying – Teach Kindness and Start Young

I’m excited to be presenting this week at the International Bullying Prevention Association Conference in Chicago. It’s a chance to meet old friends and to feel part of the growing movement to make childhood bully-free. This year’s focus is on young children and kindness.  It’s spot on – the best ways to end bullying are … Continued

#GiveThanksTo Everyone Who Stands Against Bullying

A Time to Give Thanks 2019 is coming to a close, and the holiday season is just beginning! This time of year signifies many transitions for No Bully. The academic year is in full swing, which means our school programs to reduce bullying are, too. It is a time of excitement and potential, and also … Continued

Susan Skog: Encouraging Others to “STAND UP, SPEAK OUT”

Young people today face an unprecedented bullying landscape with voices and judgment constantly bombarding them, both on and offline. In a sea of cynicism, it can be hard to stand against the waves by yourself. With encouragement and support, however, it is much easier to weather the storm. Susan Skog, an author, journalist, and speaker … Continued


NO BULLY SHOWS ITS SUPPORT FOR UNITY DAY 2019 AND EXPLAINS WHY ITS MESSAGE IS IMPORTANT YEAR-LONG. When I was in elementary school, I was so excited to apply for a position on my school’s paleontology team. As a huge dinosaur fanatic – I had an entire tub of plastic herbivores and carnivores since age … Continued


NO BULLY SHOWS ITS SUPPORT FOR SPIRIT DAY 2019, RECOGNIZING LGBTQ YOUTH ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE BULLIED, ONLINE AND OFFLINE. Spirit Day 2019 is here, and we’re so excited to see growing support and acceptance for LGBTQ youth in their communities and schools! Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and to feel safe … Continued

Groundbreaking Global Campaign to Promote Kindness and End Bullying

BURGER KING partners with No Bully in new Campaign, “Kindness Takes the Crown,” Targeting BK® Franchises in 80 Countries to bring Awareness to Bullying. SAN FRANCISCO — BURGER KING® restaurants recognize bullying is a complex issue, one that is best remedied from a place of kindness. More than 16 million kids will be involved in … Continued

Carrie Berk: Empowering Kids to Practice Positive Posting

As a content creator, performer and influencer, Carrie Berk has been cyberbullied countless times in her 16 years, dating back to as early as elementary school. “I was eight years old, part of a ballet studio, and had just started posting dance pics on my Instagram,” Carrie recalls. “I was so proud of them, but … Continued

Meet Jayce McGuirk, a 14 year old CEO with a mission to spread kindness!

No Bully was excited to grab an interview with the 14-year-old entrepreneur, Jayce McGuirk, who is the CEO of Random Hats of Kindness.  Jayce is not your average teenager and is a total inspiration, which makes us grateful to partner with him in an official capacity. In between going to school, playing basketball, and hanging … Continued

Eradicating Bullying: Progress On Creating Bully-Free Environments

Twenty years ago, bullying was seen as a rite of childhood, boys being boys, and schools typically advised students to put up or shut up. It took the persistence of academic researchers and non-profits to break through the denial that bullying was damaging the lives of a generation and to uncover the extent of a … Continued

No Bully Teams up with Texas Anti-Bullying Coalition

No Bully has teamed up with the Texas Anti-Bullying Coalition to take a stand against bullying in Texas. The Coalition has been working with schools across the state for four years and has brought significant attention to the issue in Texas schools through their work on anti-bullying assemblies and gatherings. This is the opportunity for … Continued

Join us for a concert with We McDonald from The Voice!

Broadway Records and No Bully released the charity single “I Have A Voice”, featuring over 75 Broadway kids, as a People Magazine exclusive premiere. This song was written to ignite student compassion and build voices of tolerance and empathy. No Bully ambassador Wé McDonald, a finalist on Season 11 of NBC’s The Voice, teamed up … Continued

No Bully launches the Power of Zero campaign at the UN Plaza, New York

For the past two years, No Bully has been creating the Power of Zero, a campaign to reshape early learning for a connected world. It will provide early educators and families with the books and learning materials they need to prepare children starting at age zero for the technology and connectivity they will experience in their … Continued

Flex Your Kindness Muscles at the Empathy Gym!

For those of you that don’t know Lauren Findley (@laurenlf), you’re in for a treat! Lauren is a gym shark and fitness model who has grown an amazing following (over 500K followers on Instagram). She’s got abs of steel, killer triceps, but most importantly a really large and caring heart. You may be wondering why we’re … Continued

Cyberbullying is Officially a Crime in Michigan

A new law, House Bill No. 5017, took effect in Michigan this week that officially defines cyberbullying as a crime. According to the new law, someone found guilty of the misdemeanor could face a maximum of 93 days in jail, a max fine of $500 or both. If a violator has a prior conviction, they … Continued

Winner of the “I Have A Voice” national singing competition

Thank you again to each school that entered the “I Have A Voice” national singing competition to make it a success.  You have truly inspired us, as well as friends and supporters in the No Bully community across the country, with your heartfelt music video entries.  Our panel of judges has selected, by majority vote, Kinard … Continued

No Bully launches the Power of Zero campaign at the UN Plaza, New York

For the past two years, No Bully has been creating the Power of Zero, a campaign to reshape early learning for a connected world. It will provide early educators and families with the books and learning materials they need to prepare children starting at age zero for the technology and connectivity they will experience in … Continued

“I Have a Voice” Contest Winner to be Announced Soon!

The No Bully Team is pleased to share that we received numerous, wonderful video entries for the “I Have A Voice” national singing competition, sponsored by Hasbro’s BE FEARLESS BE KIND Initiative.  Thank you to each student and every school that participated.  We are impressed and deeply grateful for the effort and creativity you put into … Continued

Philadelphia Phillies partner with Shred Hate

Phillies pitcher Aaron Nola made a surprise visit to a Shred Hate event at Hopkinson Elementary School on Wednesday, January 23rd. 400 students were assembled in the school’s auditorium when sports broadcaster Tom McCarthy introduced Nola, causing the room to erupt. Also attending, Billy Bean, Major League Baseball’s VP and Special Assistant to the Commissioner, stated … Continued

“Bullied in a Department of Defense School” by Karin Wandrei, PhD, LCSW

I was bullied throughout my school years in the 1960’s because of my height, being a nerd, having a speech defect, being physically awkward, and having poor social skills. My bullying was mostly name calling, usually while changing classes, since I never attended school events. To this day it is too painful to say out … Continued

This is Davina, our Second Upstander with a big heart!

Meet Davina This is Davina, our second Student Upstander of the week, who makes kindness a personal habit.  Davina is on a Solution Team at her school and takes her job as a positive peer leader very seriously.  We love the way she applies her skills in all kinds of situations. She will receive a “Token of Kindness” locket … Continued

Meet, Rosgaly, our First Student Upstander of the week!

Two weeks ago, No Bully launched the #100kChooseKind Challenge with The Kind Coalition.  Our goal is simple: to record 100,000 acts of kindness on social media and promote positivity in 2019. Sparking Joy in Someone’s Day In this digital age where so much of the online discourse we read is destructive, mean, and that content is iterated with alarming … Continued