Talen and Cooper were nominated by their teacher at Dover Eyota Elementary School in Minnesota, for the kindness they show towards their teammates and classmates. No Bully has been in partnership with the school and has implemented our Shred Hate program, a bullying prevention program created by ESPN, supported by Major League Baseball and X Games, that seeks to eliminate bullying by encouraging kids to choose kindness. According to their teacher, both boys are the best athletes in their class. Sports skills come quite easily for them as they have had lots of practice and opportunity outside of school.

The teacher noted that often times highly skilled students avoid being partners or kind to partners who are less skilled than them. However, these two boys have exemplified good sportsmanship in multiple ways. Now in 5th grade, they have both developed into kind, caring, yet still competitive young men. They are willing to stop a game and discuss rules or issues before they escalate, they pass to everyone on their teams and include everyone on their teams (not an easy task when they could take the shot themselves and probably make it).

In PE the school emphasizes building everyone’s skills and does not focus on winning games (How PE is different than pro sports!). These two students have embodied the ideals that the department has encouraged. They have really taken to heart being inclusive, taking into account that everyone can get better and that they can have fun if they don’t take themselves too seriously. The teacher ended their nomination by stating “I have enjoyed these two boys in class since they were in Kindergarten, and will miss them as they leave my care as 6th graders next year. Keep an eye on these two, I see positive things in their future!”

As a gift of appreciation for their acts of kindness, Talen and Cooper have been awarded hats from Random Hats of Kindness. This company is owned by ten & eleven-year-old brothers who make hats about spreading kindness and joy. Proceeds from hat sales go back to anti-bullying organizations, like No Bully.

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