National Bullying Prevention Month

Ending the crisis of bullying starts with you

For No Bully, this special month highlights our year round goal to build a kinder and more compassionate world as a means of ending the crisis of bullying in schools and online.

The consequences of bullying are known: lower self-esteem, depression, and physical and emotional scars that too often result suicide, all of which are completely preventable. While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the location of bullying from schools and playgrounds to cyberbullying online, the pain and damage to the health and well-being of students continues.  Now more than ever, schools, students, parents, teachers and communities need No Bully’s approach to transforming school culture and empowering young people as the primary leaders of bullying eradication.

Your gift to No Bully directly benefits students, teachers and schools through our programs and services that are urgently needed to respond to the challenges of online learning and social media as the venues where bullying takes place now. Every gift to No Bully, whether large or small is an investment in a more inclusive future and makes a difference in helping young people find their voice to lead the culture change needed in classrooms, playgrounds, neighborhoods and online.

You can also help No Bully by purchasing products from these amazing partners. It’s an absolute WIN-WIN.

You are not alone!

Bullying occurs when a student, or group of students, repeatedly hurts or humiliates another student. Bullying and harassment often cause lasting physical and mental harm, marginalize diverse students, and negatively impact the entire school culture.

National Bullying Prevention Month - No Bully by Power of Zero
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National Bullying Prevention Month - No Bully by Power of Zero
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As a nonprofit we rely on the generosity of our community to help sustain our efforts. We are incredibly grateful to our National Bullying Prevention Month partners who have come together to support No Bully with fundraising and awareness support during October. Please visit these amazing companies to learn more and help make every childhood bully-free.

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