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Bullying and cyberbullying are destroying young lives

One in three children will be bullied this year. It could be your child – it could be a student at your school – but the effects can last a lifetime.

We can prevent this

Bring the award-winning No Bully program to your school. Teachers trained by us are able to solve close to 90% of incidents of bullying and cyberbullying and create a culture where every student belongs.

The No Bully Program

“No Bully has empowered our school communities to intervene and to live up to the expectation of being places where everyone belongs.”

“I have been doing this work for 20 years, and I have never seen a program work so effectively, or quickly to stop bullying and make a bullied child feel better and safer in school.”

“We’ve run about 14 Solution Teams this year. It stopped the bullying in every case, and we are seeing mutual respect grow between the students. It taps into the fundamental human value that everyone is good at heart.”

“When someone learns about the program, they will demand it for their schools because of what it can do to change the lives of our kids, our schools and our communities.”

— Mary Jane Burke, Superintendent of Schools, Marin County, California

Our partners

We have reached millions of people through our global campaigns and are proud to work together with our sponsors to make every childhood bully-free.