No Bully is Winding Down

No Bully thanks everyone for helping us with our mission of eradicating bullying worldwide by igniting compassion in the next generation.

It is with great sadness that No Bully is winding down and discontinuing operations due to the impact of COVID and the understandable shift in the focus of funders to meet immediate needs such as food and shelter.

Even in the face of a global pandemic, your support fueled our programs' successes. No Bully’s work has been critically important during 2020.

We are hopeful that No Bully’s program content developed over the past decade will continue to be made available and broadly utilized.

Your support has changed hundreds of thousands of students' lives for the better.

Thank you for igniting compassion in our youth, empowering young voices for good, and developing a future generation appreciative of each individual’s contribution to the whole.

Thank you!

Paul Proett
Acting CEO

What You Should Know

1 in 3

students is bullied, in some form, by their peers.

2 to 3x

more likely to be bullied if you are a minority student


students in the US will be bullied this year

Our Work
in Schools

No Bully is the most comprehensive professional development program proven to eradicate bullying and enhance school culture.

No Bully takes a holistic approach to partnering with schools and districts by involving the administration, staff, parents, and students in the process. The leadership team in each building plays the most important role in creating their school’s climate. No Bully serves as coaches/mentors in this process of transforming school culture, helping ensure there is buy-in from all stakeholders.

Our Sponsors

We have reached millions of people through our global campaigns and are proud to work together with our sponsors to make every childhood bully-free.

By collaborating with us, our sponsors demonstrate their values and belief that they are responsible for helping to end bullying and improve the childhood experience. In fact, companies that commit to philanthropy—by teaming up with organizations like No Bully—enjoy higher employee morale, a stronger public image, and stronger customer loyalty. Institutional support is critical to our success, so we help our sponsors reach business objectives, while supporting No Bully’s mission.

Stories of Change

Learn more about the incredible impact educators and students we've partnered with are having on their schools and local communities.

"I have been doing this work for 20 years, and I have never seen a program work so well, so effectively, and so quickly to stop bullying and make a bullied child feel better and safer in school. I have a great appreciation for the No Bully system. It has had a positive impact on my school culture, and we have definitely seen a decrease in bullying issues."

—Cheryl McWilliams, Superintendent of Pawtucket School Department, Rhode Island