Month: November 2019

Building a culture of kindness

Things are changing at Edgewood Academy. They’d done some anti-bullying work over the years on their K-8 campus, so bullying wasn’t a major problem before they began the Shred Hate program last year. Still, its students had their normal ups and downs. But school counselor Veronica Montes can see that something is shifting. Since beginning … Continued


NO BULLY CELEBRATES WORLD KINDNESS DAY BY HIGHLIGHTING AN AREA THAT NEEDS IT MOST – THE INTERNET. OUR LATEST INITIATIVE, POWER OF ZERO, PLANS TO TACKLE THIS CHALLENGE HEAD-ON. Think about how you introduce yourself to anyone you meet for the first time. You probably shake their hand. You at least give them a smile … Continued

Eradicate Bullying – Teach Kindness and Start Young

I’m excited to be presenting this week at the International Bullying Prevention Association Conference in Chicago. It’s a chance to meet old friends and to feel part of the growing movement to make childhood bully-free. This year’s focus is on young children and kindness.  It’s spot on – the best ways to end bullying are … Continued

#GiveThanksTo Everyone Who Stands Against Bullying

A Time to Give Thanks 2019 is coming to a close, and the holiday season is just beginning! This time of year signifies many transitions for No Bully. The academic year is in full swing, which means our school programs to reduce bullying are, too. It is a time of excitement and potential, and also … Continued