When does bullying begin? Sooner than you might think.

At Nobully.org we find that children are exposed to bullying  as soon as a child enters kindergarten or first grade.  In fact, more students feel victimized and excluded in the early grades than at any other point of their school career.  (Over 22% according to Kochenderfer & Ladd’s study of kindergarteners in the Midwest.)  Even more shockingly, the research shows that many of these students remain the “student that no-one wants to play with” as they travel up the school.
What’s the harm in this?  The pathway that begins with exclusion leads to loneliness, dissatisfaction with social relationships and a strong resistance to being at school.  Excluded students stop participating in the classroom and are headed for social and scholastic failure.  In other words, if student is feeling excluded by their peers, they are at high risk of failing academically.  It’s a reminder to foster cohesiveness in our classrooms. And to pay especial attention to integrating every new student when they first enter our schools.