Get certified as a Solution Coach® Trainer

Schools with teachers and staff trained as Solution Coaches are able to run Solution Teams and solve 90% of cases of bullying. This is a critical investment in safeguarding your students and ensuring an inclusive culture for all.  We are inviting individuals and organizations with a demonstrated commitment to student wellbeing to become trained and licensed by No Bully as Solution Coach Trainers. Participants that complete the training will be certified to bring the Solution Coach Training to their school and schools in their region.

How does it work? 

  • During the year we partner with organizations to bring Solution Coach Trainer Certification to your region.  The Certification consists of a 3- day Train the Trainer Program which also trains schools in your area to bring  No Bully's innovative solution to bullying to their school.
  • On day one you participate in our Solution Coach Training, the one-day training that prepares teachers and staff to be their school’s Solution Coaches, ready to run a Solution Team for any student who is referred to them and to help students who are entrenched in the role of bully or target change their ways. 
  • On day two we use small group teachback and individual feedback to coach you how to deliver a high-level Solution Coach Training.
  • On day three we help you develop a training action plan to ensure that the schools trained by you sustain a core group of Solution Coaches® able to run Solution Teams® and build a bully-free culture long-term. 
  • Follow up coaching for your first year to support you in running Solution Teams and delivering the Solution Coach® Training.  Certification and listing on the No Bully website after the delivery of your first successful Solution Coach Training.

How much:  The license fee of $3,500 is inclusive of the three-day training, any follow up coaching and a one-year site license to deliver the No Bully Solution Coach® Training at your school.  (Travel and hotel costs not included.)  $500 for each additional site or to renew. 

To bring Solution Coach Trainer Certification to your region or to inquire about the next San Francisco training call the No Bully Office at 415-767-0070 or e-mail us.