This is Davina, our Second Upstander with a big heart!

Meet Davina

This is Davina, our second Student Upstander of the week, who makes kindness a personal habit.  Davina is on a Solution Team at her school and takes her job as a positive peer leader very seriously.  We love the way she applies her skills in all kinds of situations. She will receive a “Token of Kindness” locket from our partners at A Token Of in thanks for her commitment to her school community.

What is Solution Team?

No Bully developed Solution Team as an intervention that any teacher or staff member can implement to respond to bullying at their school.  Teachers that have been through one day of training are certified as a Solution Coach®.  When a student is the target of bullying, the Solution Coach convenes a Solution Team comprised of the bully, bully-followers and positive peer leaders like Davina; assures them they are not in trouble; walks them into the shoes of the target so that they feel what the target is feeling; and asks the students what they can do or stop doing to end the bullying.  

Research demonstrates that educators trained as Solution Coaches are solving 90% of incidents of bullying. Solution Team was ranked number one by Ashoka in its global Changemaker competition as a breakthrough solution to bullying. 

How Davina Chooses Kindness

Davina is a wonderful student peer leader who not only tells others to be nice but also leads by example.  Her teacher says if kids are not being nice, Davina will take the student being picked on and offer to play with them at recess or just be their friend.  She moves the target away and they go do another activity together.  She has a big heart and takes the time to get to know every individual and encourages them to be themselves.  If a new student arrives, she will take them under her wing and introduce them to her friends and classmates.  She boosts others’ self-esteem and makes everyone feel right at home.  Davina is a true friend and exemplary Upstander. 

Thank you, Davina, for choosing kindness and shredding hate! 

Please consider making a donation to help support bullying prevention programming for students like Davina. 

Participating in the #100kChooseKind Challenge is easy and quick:

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P.S. If you haven’t already seen our Girls Against Bullying PSA about ending “mean girl” behavior, check it out here and share its important message.