October Newsletter

Thank you all for playing a part in Bullying Prevention Month.  It’s wonderful that our cause is recognized on such a broad scale that we are given a month long platform to raise awareness.  As the leading anti-bullying, and now, anti-cyberbullying organization, we are proud to share some of our latest work with you in this month’s newsletter.  More importantly, we hope that our monthly updates help sustain your anti-bullying efforts year round. Together, let’s make childhood bully-free!



Here are some highlights:

Will as new CEO 

We are excited to announce our new CEO at No Bully, Mr. Will McCoy! Will is a career educator and education technology entrepreneur. He has served schools and districts at all levels for more than 20 years! We are so happy that Will has agreed to accept this senior leadership position.

Power of Zero 

We are proud to announce the formation of Power of Zero — a collaborative campaign dedicated to teaching children from the earliest ages how to be compassionate, resilient and inclusive online — reinforcing the skills that young children will need to develop meaningful and lasting relationships throughout life. The campaign will include learning materials developed by Scholastic, the world leader in books and educational content.

Today is an excellent time to get more involved in the campaign

  • Please take a moment to check out the Power of Zero website
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@pwrof0). Get others to join the movement by using the hashtag #powers4good.
  • Sign up for the Power of Zero learning materials that we are developing with our educational partner Scholastic –  downloadable free of cost when they are released in January. 

Sock Bullying

Raising awareness for National Bullying Prevention just became easier as No Bully and Sock Problems work together to well, Sock Bullying! Our “Sock Bullying” sock is available for preorder now and the more pairs we sell, the closer we get to the next tier of giving. Currently, we are set to receive 25% of proceeds as we sell anywhere between 0-10,000 socks. 

We are still welcoming on new schools for the 2018-2019 school year

No Bully has a team of 20 amazing trainers that travel throughout the U.S. to help schools eradicate bullying. We are constantly adding new schools to our efforts, and would love for your local school to be one of them. In some cases, we have scholarships that cover the cost of a No Bully program at your school for No Cost! Please reach out to Hannah Apa, Education Program Assistant, for more information. hannah@nobully.org or (415) 561-7842. 

Our new anti-bullying television series with Langley Productions

We are meeting with schools nationwide to select those that will be highlighted in the upcoming TV series, produced by Langley Productions. Each episode will feature a student troubled by bullying, followed by the intervention from a Solution Team, and the culture change that takes place on school campuses that implement the No Bully approach. If you are a current No Bully school, or would like to be a part of the series as a new school partner, please reach out to Will McCoy, CEO of No Bully. Will@nobully.org or (415) 561-7842.

Please join the conversation by joining/following us on social media

We would like to commend the following schools for their work with No Bully this year:

We are excited to announce the following upcoming events: 

  • Capri Sun event – October 16-17, 2018 in Washington D.C. (Stay tuned for details, we are going to put a request out to all of you for your social media support)
  • National Superintendent’s Roundtable – October 26-28, 2018 in Washington D.C.
  • Power of Zero at Facebook events in New Delhi and Singapore

Of course, none of this would be possible without our partners:


Will McCoy 
CEO, No Bully

Do you want to become a No Bully School? We have partnered with over 320 schools nationwide. Contact us to learn more about the No Bully System® and how you can transform your school into a bully-free learning community.

In the US alone 60,000 students are bullied every day. Thousands more stay home because of the threats and shaming that they receive online. For just $30 a student, we can end bullying in schools.

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