No Bully Teams up with Texas Anti-Bullying Coalition

Chris and Greg Wright from Texas Anti-Bullying Coalition join Will McCoy, at a Shred Hate event hosted by Texas Rangers.

No Bully has teamed up with the Texas Anti-Bullying Coalition to take a stand against bullying in Texas. The Coalition has been working with schools across the state for four years and has brought significant attention to the issue in Texas schools through their work on anti-bullying assemblies and gatherings.

This is the opportunity for No Bully to invest our time and resources at a deep level in Texas Schools. We have been working successfully with Dallas ISD over the last year in 18 schools and would love to see that number increase greatly for the upcoming year. “It’s an honor to work with the Texas Anti-Bullying Coalition to achieve that goal,” says Will McCoy, CEO of No Bully.

The Texas Anti-Bullying Coalition organizes assemblies, concerts and other events that are designed to improve the cultures in schools. Assemblies are designed to raise anti-bullying awareness, increase prevention, and encourage students to speak up when they see something occurring that puts themselves or others in danger. In addition, the emphasis is placed on encouraging students to promote kindness and develop empathy and self-respect.

The coalition features nationally recognized presenters, entertainers and motivational guest speakers such as Chris Hollyfield (also known as “Little Boogeyman” from the WWE) and local musical groups that share their own bullying experiences. Over the past few years, TABC has provided assemblies for several school districts in the DFW area including Arlington ISD, Crowley ISD, Grand Prairie ISD, and others. “We recognize that it takes more than entertainment and speeches to change school cultures. It will be a great pleasure to work with No Bully to help promote positive behavior and provide professional development to faculty and staff,” says Chris Wright, Executive Director of Texas Anti-Bullying Coalition.

Both organizations will be reaching out to districts throughout Texas to strengthen the efforts of schools to address this critical issue. Nationwide, one in three students is bullied at school sometime during their academic career, and more than 160,000 students miss school each day as a result of the fear of bullying. “If this was a health issue, it would be considered an epidemic,” says McCoy, “and we need a significant commitment from schools to help improve the situation for all students.”

We realize that schools can be strapped for resources, and we encourage local businesses and companies to lean in on this issue and support the anti-bullying work. Raising a civil and compassionate society is of benefit to everyone, businesses included. No Bully’s work is sponsored by many noteworthy organizations like Hasbro, ESPN, Major League Baseball, Facebook, Microsoft, AT&T and Burger King.

Throughout our Shred Hate campaign with ESPN and MLB, we partner with both the X-Games and MLB organizations like the Texas Rangers. “We would like to see some Texas-based corporations step forward and sponsor this widespread approach in their home state. We have already identified more than 100 schools that want to focus on anti-bullying efforts, and it would be incredible to be able to make a statement nationally that Texas schools and businesses are united in ending bullying and cyberbullying in schools” states Will McCoy, CEO of No Bully.