No Bully Utah Pilot 2015

No Bully announced today that Utah schools will have the opportunity to participate in a No Bully pilot program in the 2015-2016 school year.  The No Bully Utah Pilot was launched at the Utah Multicultural Commission’s Youth Leadership Summit in October 2014 where teachers and students had a chance to learn about the No Bully System from founder Nicholas Carlisle. Participating schools will receive the full series of leadership coaching and staff training contained in the No Bully School Partnership.

This is a pilot program under which No Bully partners with a cluster of schools in three Utah school districts (one urban and two rural) and trains them how to implement the award winning No Bully System® for preventing and responding to student bullying and harassment.  The No Bully System® aligns well with PBIS and restorative justice and brings schools in to compliance with Utah’s anti-bullying laws.  Schools trained by No Bully are able to remedy 90% of incidents of bullying and support a school culture that is inclusive of all.  Schools will be funded for 80% of the school partnership cost with full funding available for schools that demonstrate financial need. 


There is no form to fill out – simply send an e-mail with these words in the subject line:  No Bully Utah Pilot

In order to become a beneficiary school (district), a district representative (e.g. the superintendent or school principal) should apply to No Bully as soon as possible by sending an e-mail (if you click on “e-mail” you should be able to generate an e-mail) with the following information

  • Name of schools, number of students and staff and the county in which you are located.   School districts should ideally contain three to five schools (ideally two or three elementary schools, their middle school and if possible the related high school)
  • Brief statement of district/school need around creating bully-free schools
  • Brief information about the demographics of your school(s) stating ethnicity and number of students on free or reduced lunch