No Bully goes international

The Independent Schools Foundation Academy (“ISF”) is a leading independent school in Hong Kong serving students from Kindergarten through to Grade 12.  ISF has always been about more than academic success.  At the centre of its school life are the eight virtues plus one (commitment, respect, benevolence, compassion, courtesy, integrity, harmony, balance and wisdom) and a commitment to preparing its students to enter the leading global colleges and universities and take their place as world citizens.  

Being a global citizen requires each of us to become skillful in how we manage ourselves and our interactions with others. These skills are best learned in the critical developmental years spent in school. Accordingly, ISF is investing in programs that build the social and emotional intelligence of students.

In 2014 ISF invited No Bully to join with it in advancing its unique bilingual school culture where students receive instruction both in English and Mandarin Chinese.  In its first year partnership ISF staff and the No Bully team worked together to define a new social vision statement for the school that brings together East and West. 

ISF Academy and No Bully, recognizes that all children experience some level of bullying and exclusion in their formative years. These behaviors are often evident as early as kindergarten and, without school intervention, may intensify when students approach puberty in upper primary or lower secondary school. ISF has always aimed to be proactive in preventing bullying and building self-esteem and resilience in their students. Through a partnership with No Bully, ISF is able to better support a bully-free school culture where every student is accepted and respected for who they are. As part of this program, we are implementing a curriculum to teach the full range of social and emotional learning across the school. Together, we are committed to an inclusive learning culture that supports academic success for each student at The ISF Academy.