No Bully creates Charter for Compassionate Schools

Imagine schools worldwide becoming signatories to a charter of compassion. Each school retains its individuality but all share in the commitment to step beyond individualism and to foster a new generation who care for others and the planet as much as themselves.


There is an urgency to this cause. Unless we dethrone ourselves from the center of our world and transcend our differences, we risk not only endless intolerance, fragmentation and violence but also a severed pact with a planet that will no longer support our lack of care.


This week No Bully and the Compassionate Action Network (CAN) announced their collaboration to create a Charter for Compassionate Schools. Our aim is to create a rallying cry and unifying vision for schools, non-profits and educational organizations across the globe. 


To create a charter we need your participation. What is the most important thing that the charter should say in order to win your support and inspire schools worldwide to participate? Take five minutes this week to post your comments and ideas here.


Thank you!