No Bully comes to Rhode Island

There is nothing we like more than working with all the schools and students across a whole school district. So when Hasbro invited No Bully to partner with the school department and all its seventeen schools in its hometown of Pawtucket, Rhode Island we jumped at the chance.

We launched the No Bully Pawtucket initiative on August 31 with a half day conference attended by over nine hundred Pawtucket teachers, cafeteria workers and school police officers at the Rhode Island Conference Center in Providence. We led them through our No Bully Foundational Training. Then everyone participated in a press conference attended by Karen Davis from Hasbro, Pawtucket Mayor Don Grebien, Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline and the Rhode Island Commissioner of Education, Ken Wagner. The press conference was covered by media across the nation and received over 44 million media impressions!

This month the teachers are taking the message of no more bullying to their students. Each classroom is holding a peace summit and sending delegates to a schoolwide peace summit. You can see the Cunningham Elementary School peace summit in the photo (above). We have already begun coaching a leadership team at each school how to get the No Bully System up and running so they can sustain it long term. Our most immediate project is to help the school department create an easy and effective system for reporting incidents of bullying and getting the students the help that they need.

Five of our trainers will return to Pawtucket in November to train core groups of staff from all seventeen schools how to run Solution Teams. From November through January parents and guardians across Pawtucket  have the chance to learn though a series of citywide workshops how to bully-proof your kid.

This is our first No Bully partnership in New England.  A big thank you to Hasbro for sponsoring this.  What has been so heartening is the way that the school department and the mayor’s office have come together to declare Pawtucket a No Bully city.