Meet, Rosgaly, our First Student Upstander of the week!

Two weeks ago, No Bully launched the #100kChooseKind Challenge with The Kind Coalition.  Our goal is simple: to record 100,000 acts of kindness on social media and promote positivity in 2019.

Sparking Joy in Someone’s Day

In this digital age where so much of the online discourse we read is destructive, mean, and that content is iterated with alarming ease, it is incumbent upon all of us to nurture simple acts of kindness and recognize Upstanders who quietly spark joy in someone’s day.  Some of these Upstanders are the youngest members of our communities and with Valentine’s Day approaching, a day when we think and act with love, we want to share some of the heart-warming stories from the inspiring students at No Bully’s partner schools! 

Meet Rosgaly

Please meet our first wonderful Student Upstander, Rosgaly, who will receive a t-shirt from The Kind Coalition in recognition of her commitment to her school community and to being kind.  

How Rosgaly Chooses Kindness

Rosgaly is inclusive and supportive of all her 4th Grade classmates.  In school, she helps other students both academically and emotionally.  She tutors and is always kind and respectful in her delivery and more importantly her praise, providing continuous support for her peers’ success!  Her teacher says you can often find her de-escalating an argument or derailing bullying behavior.  During recess, she has been seen trying to calm an argument and will engage participants to talk it out… other students have come to look up to her.  She is never afraid or intimated by bullying and always stands up for what is right.

Thank you, Rosgaly, for being fearless and kind, and moving us with your generosity of spirit and desire to make peace among friends! 

Please look forward to more student stories throughout the week and consider making a donation to support the good work No Bully does with students like Rosgaly. 

Participating in the #100kChooseKind Challenge is easy and quick:

1. Share an act of kindness you gave or received on your social media.
2. Challenge friends or family to do the same.
3. Hashtag 100KChooseKind. Tag @nobully_org, @carrieberkk and @shopthekindco so we can reshare!

P.S. If you haven’t already seen our Girls Against Bullying video, don’t forget to check it out here and share its powerful message with your friends.