Making the World a Kinder Place


As a dinosaur fanatic, it should be no surprise I’m also an avid fan of their avian successors – the modern-day bird. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Each species is quirky and ostentatious in its own unique way. One of my favorite traits is how many of them are quite social. They’re unafraid to voice their opinions to the rest of the flock and demand their cries for love, or food, be heard. 

Birds are cool, you might say, but what does this have to do with bullying? Well, I’ve been reflecting on No Bully’s 2019 holiday theme: making the world a kinder place. For a small non-profit, that’s a large task! Enacting such cultural changes on any scale requires a good chunk of the population. How do we reach everyone? 

It’s around this time I found the Arctic Tern, an adorable little bird that has the longest migration route in the WORLD. It travels from pole to pole every year in its quest to stay in perpetual summer. If this small, determined avian can have such a global reach, I think we can, too! 

Terry the Tern: No Bully’s Holiday Mascot

This December, the team at No Bully is taking inspiration from this inspiring bird. We’re determined to raise social awareness around bullying on a global scale. We’ve already started by working with education systems in four countries and with over 250,000 students. But social change happens both in AND outside of schools. Anyone can be bullied, and everyone deserves to feel safe and respected. 

To bring more attention to the need for global change around bullying and cyberbullying, we will be taking a short journey with our friend, Terry the Arctic Tern, as he travels to the South Pole. Occasionally, Terry will send us updates via Twitter about new friends from around the world. He’ll also share what he has learned from each of them about kindness and antibullying. We hope you join us on this adventure and share the message of how to prevent bullying and cyberbullying with your network. If we each take one small step towards change, we can create one giant movement to truly make the world a kinder place.