No Bully Campaigns

Campaign Portfolio

Hey, there are a lot of kids out there, and we want to reach every single one. These awesome initiatives help us make sure every childhood is bully-free in spaces we might not have reached otherwise.

Get Up, Stand Up!

We are grateful to partner with Cedella Marley to help drive awareness and donations for Bullying Prevention month. Cedella’s latest children’s book adapts her father’s timeless lyrics to impart a heartfelt message of empathy and compassion, and inspire children and adults to Get Up, Stand Up for themselves and others. We couldn’t agree more with the important lessons her parents Bob and Rita Marley ingrained in Cedella and her siblings!

Kindness Takes the Crown

We teamed up with BURGER KING® again to help spread kindness worldwide! BURGER KING® is introducing 30 different plush emoji toys with their King Jr. Meals, including our very own No Bully emoji!

Shred Hate

No Bully has partnered with ESPN, Major League Baseball, and X Games to create the Shred Hate campaign. Participation in sports can be twofold, as it can both be a refuge from bullying as well as lead to additional incidents of bullying. These organizations are committed to creating and sustaining a bully-free culture in schools, which reached nearly 188,000 students in 80 schools in the 2018–19 school year.

Power of Zero

Power of Zero is a global campaign to reshape early learning for a connected world. Led by No Bully and powered by global organizations, parents, and teachers across the world, Power of Zero provides families and early educators with learning materials to prepare children for the technology and connectivity they will experience in their lives.

I Have A Voice

I Have A Voice national singing competition

Capri Sun’s Together Table

The Together Table aims to drive awareness of bullying in the cafeteria with a seat for every kid.

BURGER KING® takes a stand against bullying

Scrawny. Short. Ugly. Fat. Weird. Thirty percent of school kids worldwide are bullied each year, and bullying is the #1 act of violence against young people in America today.