Help create the Charter for Compassionate Schools

In 2013 the Compassionate Action Network International (CAN) joined with No Bully and other thought leaders to draft a Charter for Compassionate Schools.  The original Charter for Compassion was supported by the TED annual prize awarded to Karen Armstrong in 2008 and attracted widespead global support. There is huge need for a Charter for Compassionate Schools that translates the principle of compassion to the uniqueness of school world and acts as a rallying cry and unifying vision for schools and educational organizations across the globe.

We are looking for your feedback on the draft charter below.  What is the most important thing that you think the charter should say?  Let us know any suggestions you have to improve on what we have written by July 15, 2013 by visiting here.

The Charter for Compassionate Schools


We, the students, teachers, staff, and parents of _________________________ school pledge to hold ourselves and one another accountable to the following principles.

We recognize that every person shares a common humanity capable both of happiness and suffering.  We pledge both in our words and actions to treat everyone in this school community as we would wish to be treated, to help those around us who are in need, and to make amends when we cause another pain.

We recognize that we are a school with different abilities, body sizes, races, religions, classes, gender identities and sexual orientations.  We pledge to step into the shoes of others and see how things look from their point of view, especially when we disagree or find ourselves in conflict. 

We recognize that intolerance and hatred cause suffering and that that when we stand by doing nothing, or laugh or post comments online when others bully, we contribute to the problem.  We pledge to stand up to bullying and make this a school where everyone belongs.

In signing this charter, we commit to living by these guiding principles in all our daily interactions, and in the projects we undertake within our community and in the world.