Cybercrimes and Cyberbullying

by Josh Wardini, Community Manager at Webmastersjury

Cybercrime is becoming a huge problem. The World Wide Web is a vast and expansive place and, unfortunately, it is home to cybercriminals. These individuals and organisations use the online world to perform illegal activities such as stealing bank account details, disrupting computer systems, and obtaining private information. Cybercrimes exploit system weaknesses and also our general lack of awareness of correct online security procedures. Malware, phishing, viruses and denial of service attacks are all types of cyberattacks that can be hugely damaging.   Best VPNS has a detailed list of all forms of cyberattacks and the insane losses they cause each year. The numbers are nothing short of staggering, despite the titanic efforts to enhance defenses.

But the underbelly of global interconnectivity has another, more subtle, yet equally damaging side. Cyberbullying is becoming a serious issue in today’s society. Many people use the web to bully those who they deem to be weaker; much in the same way that cyber criminals prey on weak systems to steal information and funds. Cyber bullies often use social media, chat rooms and email to pick on their victims. They may send harsh messages, post pictures or even record videos to demean and belittle their target. Part of the problem with cyber bullying is that anonymity is a reality in the online world. Bullies can hide behind a fake username and protect their true identity. They can act as they please without fear of repercussions – this type of behaviour often brings out the worst in people and is often why cyberbullying is so damaging.  Furthermore,  social media platforms are viewed by millions of people. This is a totally different situation from schoolyard bullying, much in the same way that cybercrime is totally different to conventional crime.  These two types of online threats represent a new set of challenges for our society.

How do we tackle cyber bullying? What can we do to prevent our children from being subject to online torment? How can we police their internet usage and ensure that any bullying is stamped out and the bullies are brought to justice? How can we protect ourselves against cyberattacks? What can we do to ensure our personal details and finances remain secure?  These are serious questions that governments, businesses and families have to address adequately and quickly.

This infographic from BestVPNs provides some useful information and statistic relating to cyber crimes – by reading this information; you will understand just how damaging this type of criminal activity can be. Such information about cyberbullying is much harder to assemble, as moral and emotional damage is calculated with much greater difficulty, but it is not less real.