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Goff Junior High School Pairs Up With No Bully

Back in October, No Bully began a student pilot program at Goff Junior High School in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, to help students and faculty eradicate bullying through our 90% effective solution based coaching curriculum. Woven into this curriculum we added another dimension where older students became mentors to incoming middle schoolers. With the help of … Continued

Rudolph the Radiant Reindeer

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen, but do you recall the most famous reindeer of all? We end our holiday heroes blog with one of the most famous bullying victims of all time…poor Rudolph! Often victims of bullying are targeted for being different in some sense. … Continued

You’re a Mean One, Mister Grinch!

We continue our holiday hero series with one of the most recognizable bullies in history, the Grinch. Dr. Seuss’ famous tale begins with setting the stage of Who-ville, the merriment of Christmas, and the Grinch’s disdain for it all. “Every Who Down in Who-ville Liked Christmas a lot… But the Grinch,Who lived just north of Who-ville, … Continued

Be an Upstander This Holiday Season!

In the spirit of celebrating the holiday season, No Bully would like to present a series of holiday heroes that have fought bullying in some form or another. We begin this series by wishing everyone a Happy Hanukkah and introducing the timeless character, Hershel of Ostropol, who fought the Hanukkah goblins and saved the day! … Continued

Strategies to Address Cyberbullying Webinar

Almost 80% of teens regularly use a cell phone. In fact, it’s rare to see a teen that is not attached to one! With access to cell phones and thus to web-based social media, cyberbullying has become of increased concern to schools and parents. Cyberbullying, just like all bullying, involves posting or texting mean or … Continued

October Newsletter

Thank you all for playing a part in Bullying Prevention Month.  It’s wonderful that our cause is recognized on such a broad scale that we are given a month long platform to raise awareness.  As the leading anti-bullying, and now, anti-cyberbullying organization, we are proud to share some of our latest work with you in … Continued

Come sail away with No Bully and Windstar Cruises next May!

No Bully and Windstar Cruises are teaming up to present the first ever fundraising cruise to stop bullying!  Come sail away with us to the Mediterranean next May 6-14, 2019 aboard luxury yacht Star Breeze. A portion of each passenger’s fare will be donated to No Bully, AND from now through October 31, Windstar has generously agreed to offer a special … Continued

Welcome to our new CEO!

By Nicholas Carlisle This week is Global Goals Week, and I am proud to announce after fifteen years of running No Bully that I am stepping into the role of President, Founder and global ambassador for No Bully and for the cause of eliminating bullying and cyberbullying worldwide. In our search for a CEO to … Continued

Let’s Shred Hate!

  If you know something about snowboarding, you might be familiar with the term “shredding.” It’s used to refer to a snowboarder “tearing up the snow.” Since 2017, No Bully has partnered with ESPN, X Games and now MLB to stop bullying and inspire youth to choose kindness through the Shred Hate Campaign. That’s exactly the … Continued

Are you a self-starter? Is social justice your vehicle? Join us at No Bully!

The Development Assistant role is an administrative and fundraising entry level position with a primarily internal focus. Detail-orientation, accuracy, and confidentiality is essential. This is an incredible opportunity to get in at the ground floor of a non-profit, learn about an organization that is using the power of compassion to help today’s youth, and become … Continued

Seeking a Director of Communications

No Bully is seeking a dynamic Director of Communications to set and guide the strategy for No Bully’s communications, website, social media, public relations, and collateral.  We have a strong commitment to diversity and encourage applications from individuals of all ethnicities, abilities, genders and those who are LGBTQ.  Based in our San Francisco office and reporting to the … Continued

No Bully a beneficiary of new cyberbullying novel Ask Emma

No Bully is honored to be the beneficiary of some of the proceeds from the new novel Ask Emma, a smart and empowering book about the cyberbullying a 13-year-old girl experiences when she launches an advice blog for her peers. The book creatively explores the path Emma takes to find her voice and stand up … Continued

We shouldn’t be surprised when youths cyberbully themselves

 By Alice Cahn “I wanted to see if someone was really my friend.” Those were the words of a teenager who was interviewed as part of a study about the phenomenon of teens who bully themselves online as a way to manage feelings of sadness and self-hatred and to gain attention from their friends. Other … Continued

A Record-breaking Parent Night in Pueblo, Colorado

Bessemer Academy faces many of the same challenges as other schools in Pueblo, Colorado, a town of 110,000 people that has struggled to reinvent itself in the face of deindustrialization and enormous job losses. Nearly 90% of students in Pueblo City Schools qualify for free or reduced lunch.  In January 2017, No Bully launched an anti-bullying … Continued

Reflections on Parkland by Nathan Gauer

I’m inspired by the youth from Parkland, Florida. They are piercing the numbness so many have succumbed to when faced with news of yet another school shooting. They’re engaging in dialogue with youth from America’s inner cities and making the important connection between school shootings at affluent suburban schools and the gun violence that robs … Continued

Cybercrimes and Cyberbullying

Cybercrime is becoming a huge problem. The World Wide Web is a vast and expansive place and, unfortunately, it is home to cybercriminals. These individuals and organisations use the online world to perform illegal activities such as stealing bank account details, disrupting computer systems, and obtaining private information. Cybercrimes exploit system weaknesses and also our general lack of awareness of correct online security procedures. Malware, phishing, viruses and denial of service attacks are all types of cyberattacks that can be hugely damaging. 

Making sense of the unthinkable

It’s nearly twenty years since Columbine and here we are again, trying to make sense of another brutal school shooting, this time at Stoneman Douglas High School at Florida. In the last four years, beginning with the killing of 20 first graders and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, there have been … Continued

No Bully Rhode Island in the News

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Providence Public School District today announced the adoption of the “No Bully” program in seven of its elementary and middle schools. The program, which uses the power of empathy to stop and prevent bullying, is supported by Hasbro Inc. and its BE FEARLESS BE KIND philanthropic initiative. The program empowers kids to … Continued

A Story of Change from the Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind

We often have the opportunity to bring Solution Teams to extraordinary school communities. The infographic illustrates how training staff at the Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind led to a remarkable reduction in cyberbullying among students with a hearing disability.   

Coalition forms to end bullying in Rhode Island

According to a survey released by the Rhode Island (RI) Department of Education in 2017, 25% of all RI students (3rd grade and older) reported being bullied on school grounds. Among the elementary school respondents, close to one in three reported they’d been bullied within the last year. Rhode Island schools are keen to adopt … Continued

Lessons from an inner city school

Kenesta Mack worked as a Special Education teacher at Philadelphia’s Strawberry Mansion High School.  At one time it was one of the country’s most dangerous schools.  She is now a No Bully trainer. What was it like working at such a violent school? I live in the same community as our students. I have seen what … Continued

There’s a soul behind that screen

Neil Giacobbi is associate vice president for Citizenship and Sustainability at AT&T. This year he produced a film for parents with real stories told by teenagers about their own experiences with cyberbullying.  There’s a Soul Behind That Screen was selected by the American Public Health Association to be screened at their conference in Atlanta on November 7th. … Continued

Do you know when the purge is coming?

We interviewed Howard Wilson on his experience as principal at a highly diverse elementary school in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  The school began its No Bully School Partnership in 2017.   Howard Wilson: I will never be a mirror to my students. The majority are children of color. 40% are multi-language learners.  80% are living in poverty.   Our children carry with them … Continued

Field Notes from Pueblo, Colorado by Nathan Gauer

This January we launched an anti-bullying initiative in Pueblo, Colorado under a grant from the Colorado Department of Education.  Pueblo has struggled to survive in the face of enormous job losses, resulting in 90% of its students qualifying for free or reduced lunch.  The town is plagued by high levels of violence, with double the murder … Continued

Igniting a movement to tackle online bullying and beyond

No Bully is launching a broadly based campaign to combat bullying worldwide, with a particular focus on online bullying. Bullying and cyberbullying have become a global health priority, impacting one-third of adolescents worldwide. The problems that they present are so big and so tangled in systemic complexities that they cannot be solved by any single organization. … Continued

Three Reasons Why Not

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has attracted enormous attention due its controversial portrayal of a teenage suicide. It depicts an adolescent struggling with a maelstrom of stresses that include rape, drugs and cyberbullying, traveling a seemingly inevitable path to planning and executing her own death. At its best the series gives adults a window into the reality … Continued