Do you have what it takes to become a No Bully Trainer?

No Bully partners with high level trainers (both part time and full time) to help us fulfill our mission of bringing schools sustainable, effective solutions to bullying.  We are particularly keen to receive applications from trainers in California, New York, Delaware and the East Coast.

The ideal candidate:

  • Shares our passion for ending student bullying
  • Possesses experience of K-12 schools
  • Has outstanding skills in training large groups of adults
  • Has experience coaching individuals one-on-one
  • Has availability to work full time - or at least 15 No Bully trainings and leadership coaching sessions in the next school year
  • Maintains at all times high standards of professionalism

Camp No Bully

Camp No Bully is an integrated set of experiences that prepares candidates to deliver the No Bully trainings and leadership coaching sessions with a high level of professionalism.  It takes place over three long weekends.  Candidates participate in a demonstration training run by seasoned No Bully trainers and then practice delivery through small teachback sessions.  Previous candidates have reported that their teachback sessions were among the best learning experience in training that they had ever received.  Candidates who graduate from Camp No Bully receive ongoing professional development through observation of their trainings and constructive feedback, webinars and annual booster sessions. 

The next Camp No Bully will take place in 2017. The focus of training will be how to coach school leadership teams and train teachers and parents in the No Bully System.

How to apply

No Bully has a strong commitment to diversity. We encourage applications from individuals of all ethnicities, abilities, genders and those who are LGBTQ.

If you are an outstanding and experienced trainer and have the other qualities listed above, download and complete the No Bully Trainer application form at the bottom of this page and e-mail this with your resume to the address stated in the application.  Please indicate in the subject line of your email the geographical area you are applying i.e. 'No Bully Trainer Application [geographical area]

Selection Process

No Bully selects applicants who submit a compelling application to attend a Skype video or face-to-face interview at which we will ask you to give a 15 minute demonstration of your training skills.  Promising applicants are then invited to attend a Camp No Bully.  Round trip airfare and accommodation costs at Camp No Bully are covered by No Bully.  If you prove yourself at your first Camp No Bully, you will be invited back for the next round of Camp No Bully.  Every trainer attends three Camp No Bully trainings. Successful graduates of Camp No Bully receive a competitive fee for each No Bully training that they deliver.