Month: May 2017

Igniting a movement to tackle online bullying and beyond

No Bully is launching a broadly based campaign to combat bullying worldwide, with a particular focus on online bullying. Bullying and cyberbullying have become a global health priority, impacting one-third of adolescents worldwide. The problems that they present are so big and so tangled in systemic complexities that they cannot be solved by any single organization. … Continued

Three Reasons Why Not

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has attracted enormous attention due its controversial portrayal of a teenage suicide. It depicts an adolescent struggling with a maelstrom of stresses that include rape, drugs and cyberbullying, traveling a seemingly inevitable path to planning and executing her own death. At its best the series gives adults a window into the reality … Continued

Why Schools Are Getting Sued for Cyberbullying

Recently I received a call from the family of a high school student who had committed suicide. His peers had filmed him engaged in a very personal activity in the school bathroom and posted the video online. Three weeks later he killed himself. Would I serve as an expert witness in a court case against … Continued